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The well known disinfectant for pet cages and animal houses.  


  • Effectiveness against bacteria (EN 1656,
    14349), fungi/yeasts (EN 1657) and viruses
    (EN 14675) according to the European
    Norm for the veterinary use at 10° C and
    low contamination has been confirmed
    by independent experts and IHO-listed
  • Odour reduced
  • Without formaldehyde
  • Application concentrations:
    2 % ready-to-use solution against viruses
    1 % ready-to-use solution against bacteria
    0.25 % ready-to-use solution against
    fungi (yeasts)
  • Active agent basis: Glutaral, Quaternary ammonium compound
Art. No. Packing unit
20250D 20 x 250 g bottles
20001D 10 x 1 kg bottles
20005D 5 kg canister
20010D 10 kg canister
20120D 120 kg barrel

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.