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Art. No.:Z0112

Art. No.:Z0118


Art. No.: Z0116

Art. No.: Z0120

Art. No. Product
Z0104 Dosage pump for 10 kg plastic canister
Z0105 Lever pump for 120 kg barrel
Z0102 Container spigot for 5 and 10 kg canister
Z0103 Container spigot for 120 kg barrel
Z0101 Key for 5 and 10 kg canisters
Z0100 Key for 120 kg barrel
Z0112 Disinfection tub made of high-grade steel with foamed plastic 
padding (width/length/height) 71/43/2 cm
Z0116 Measuring cup (PP) with handle
1 litre/10 ml graduation
Z0118 Diluting spray pistol
Z0120 Wall bracket
Z0122 Spare plastic padding